C’est La Vie, That’s Life: 9 Laws of an Emerging Business Woman



Over the past few months, I like probably so many others, have been self-absorbed and compelled by circumstance into a state of deep self-reflection. The ramifications of COVID-19 catapulted the firm, my employer, which I thought would be my final professional career endeavor into a tailspin. Over a few months of COVID, owners were replaced, disgruntled boards were dismantled, and hard-won, major projects—secured after 20+ years of all-encompassing self-sacrifice; health, relationships, families and more were halted midstream. Where a company like ours should have been positioned to help our customers respond to the national emergency, we failed, miserably. Disappointed customers, partners and a litany of some of the best co-workers on the face of the planet were suddenly left looking for answers and refusing to let go until the sad, bitter end. Through the most glaringly painful signs of the inevitable, these wonderful, beautiful people carried on, attempting to push through the morass caused by a succession of poor decisions made by people and circumstances over which they had no control. This is the reason I refused to leave these committed, hardworking people and steadied myself to show up at the office each day in the face of COVID, just for them…because they deserve it and more.

This small book of my reflections, written years before COVID, based on my very early experiences I now understand, prepared me to face difficulty, imprinted upon my psyche the sense of respect and responsibility to those who form and work as a team; and forced me to take charge. Each chapter ends with a lesson that I learned from those experiences—I hope that through this quick read, you will learn from me, and prepare a path for yourself that is not quite circuitous as the one I travelled.

Thank you for reading…


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