About us

Cuebey is based on a simple concept: Your Content Has Value.  The sharing and transfer of knowledge and skills is among the most powerful drivers of the Internet economy.  While this content generates billions of dollars, very little finds its way into the hands of the content creators – the people who actually have this knowledge and put painstaking effort into sharing it.  Cuebey is here to change that. Here’s how.

Cuebey Shops

Cuebey shops gives you your very own shop to facilitate turning your content into commerce. Your shop allows you to also sell digital and downloadable products such as eBooks, video tutorials and more. We believe your content has value. Cuebey allows you to earn what you deserve by giving you a place to market and sell your most valuable products.

Cuebey Classes and Courses

Cuebey allows you to turn your content into an online class or course. Other online course providers nickel and dime content creators with complicated royalty schemes and other nonsense. At Cuebey, your course is your own. You create the course, you set the price, and you keep the profits. Period.

Whether you have online content, digital products or courses for sale, Cuebey is here to put you back in control of your content, and to help you turn your platform into your paycheck.